What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a patient centered holistic therapy based on Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease and imbalances in the body and does not just focus on the symptoms.

Functional Medicine aims to get to the root cause of the disease and sees the body as a "whole" integrated functioning body and not just a series of different systems and organs.

The Aim of Holistic Functional Medicine is to Rebalance the Out of Balance


Being genetically susceptible to a some of lifes western diseases or condition does not necessarily mean we will get it - genes need to be switched on and off and evidence shows us that nurtrition and environmental factors can either hinder or help us.
We are all genetically different therefore we are predisposed to different diseases due to our diverse genes as a human race.


The environment we live in now more than ever has changed and not for the best. We are constantly being bombarded with:

• Pesticides/ fungicides/ herbicides in our foods
• Heavy metals in our seas e.g. mercury
• Exhaust fumes
• Intensive farming

It is very hard on a daily basis to avoid everything that may be harmful to our bodies.


Stress in our lives is just as important as our diets. Stress is a natural reaction to many of life's events and that rush of adrenaline can do us no harm when needed. However the down side comes when we have prolonged chronic stress ongoing in our lives.

Clinical studies have shown that stress can alter immune function and contribute to disease.

Apart from emotional stress there is also physical stress. Physical stress on our bodies occurs when our diet is poor, consuming too much sugar, when we are exposed to chemicals/toxins in our environments, smoking, over consumption of alcohol and lack of sleep.

Our bodies will try very hard to deal with all of these stresses. This puts a lot of stress on the various systems in our bodies and causes us to feel unwell.

Reflexology is a gentle non envasive therapy working on various pressure points on the feet that has been shown to reduce stress. 

Nutritional Therapy may help in all of these areas through diet, environmental and  lifestyle change