I will spend up to an hour and a half in consultation with you to get an overall picture of your health and well being and not just focus on one element of your illness or discomforts.

Mind, body and Spirit are all equally important and a tailored approach to each individual is negotiated. No two people are the same even if they have the same symptoms initially.

Genetic, environmental and social aspects can also affect the overall health of an individual and be a precursor to imbalances in the body that can eventually lead to chronic disease which is so prevalent in the western world today.

Each person is treated as an individual as no two people are the same genetically therefore they will always need a different approach to their health issues.

Detailed Health Questionnaire

Prior to this consultation the client will fill out a detailed questionnaire in relation to their health issues, diet, lifestyle and what may cause stress in their lives. Family history and genetic predisposition are also taken into account.

Having evaluated this form we can discuss your health concerns, what goals you would like to aspire to through nutritional therapy. We discuss how we can make changes in your diet and lifestyle to achieve this.

A concise plan that meets with your agreement will be discussed and emailed to you within 5 working days with a follow up call to ensure that you understand everything.

Supplements are sometimes recommended however good clean organic (if possible) real food is our aim and first port of call. Help with recipes and forward planning if you have a busy lifestyle are also included.

A follow up consultation within 4-6 weeks is highly recommended to discuss how you are getting on lasting approximately 40-60 minutes