Navan Road Nutrition and Reflexology
Take Control Of Your Health And Well Being

Navan Road Nutrition was setup in early 2017 as an holistic approach to achieving optimum health. When we say "holistic" we mean taking care of mind, body and spirit. We see how they are intertwined and cannot really be separated.

In this age of chemicals on our food, GMO (genetically modified organism) products entering our food chain, the abundance of sugar and processed foods in our shops we need to take a closer look at what we are eating, where we are getting our food from and how this may be affecting our health.

Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit are paramount to achieving better health. Nutritional Therapy may be of some help. Reflexology is also a lovely therapy to help us unwind and get rid of the stresses in our daily lives. Combining good nutrition and relaxation techniques are a good place to start.